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Jul 29 14

This year’s bucks

by JLC

Here are a few of this year’s bucks from the game camera. They are looking good and we will have bucks of all sizes.
cool pic

Apr 30 14

More baby fox pictures

by JLC

We set the game camera up next to one of the fox dens and got some great pictures of a few of the babies. Check them out.



Apr 22 14

Last pheasant & chukar hunt until fall

by JLC

We had our last hunt for the spring this past Sunday. We are now out of birds. I will get chick in May and we’ll be ready for more hunts in September. Thanks to Andrea, Zach and Randy for coming out and Mike for bringing them. See you all in the fall.

Apr 16 14

Neat fox pictures!

by JLC

We have a momma fox with 5 babies out in the fields. We put our game camera up and got a few neat pictures. Not the best thing to have on a pheasant preserve, but they are beautiful to watch.
baby fox

momma fox

Apr 16 14

Finally some good weather for spring Pheasant Hunts

by JLC

Now that the snow has melted off, we can resume our pheasant hunts. We can go until April 30th on our preserve. We are down to just a few birds. Here are a couple of recent hunts. Thanks guys for coming out.
pheasant hunt2

pheasant hunt

Apr 16 14

Pheasant Eggs

by JLC

Ever seen a pheasant egg? Our hens have been laying eggs recently. Here is a picture showing the green/brownish pheasant eggs with a few regular white chicken eggs. The pheasant eggs are about 1/2 the size of a chicken egg. The average pheasant egg weighed 1 oz vs. the chicken egg at 2 oz. We tried some and they taste like chicken eggs to me. Maybe a higher yolk ratio. But it takes more to make breakfast.
pheasant eggs

Mar 24 14

Pheasant & Chukar hunts still available

by JLC

Now that the snow has melted some, we can get back out for some bird hunting. We have pheasant and chukar still available and can hunt through April 30th on the preserve. So get those dogs out and get them some exercise after this loooong winter! Pheasant $20 per bird, chukar $17 per bird, 4 bird min per hunter. Give us a call to book your hunt at 269-365-4238.

Mar 19 14

Shed hunting

by JLC

Now that the snow has melted a little, we have found a few more antler sheds. It is always exciting to find one, no matter the size.
single shed 2014

sheds 2014

Feb 21 14

Youth bags first deer ever

by JLC

Here is a picture of our last hunter for the season. This was Daniel’s first time hunting and he took a good sized doe. Congrats Daniel. It was a pleasure having you and your family.
daniel doe rev

Feb 10 14

Game Ranch Updates

by JLC

Well, our deer season is over until fall again. The bucks have lost their antlers and the does are bred. We had several good hunts and guests who stayed at the lodge. (Wish I could post more pics, but not everyone wants their face on the web.)
Pheasants Hunts were extremely popular again this year. We do still have a few pheasants left for hunting, but this weather is not cooperating. Too much snow to even set the birds right now. Will update if we get a thaw and can do some hunts. We officially have until April 30th on the Game Ranch to hunt pheasant. And did you hear, beginning March 1st, pheasant hunters hunting on a licensed game ranch will not be required to purchase a small game license anymore.
Coyote hunting has been put on hold this year. We also snowplow and simply cannot keep up and try to get hunts in. Maybe next year.
Thanks for everyone’s support!